• A New Era of Representation



    By electing Tony Lorini as your candidate, you are exercising your right to demand a city government that runs Vaughan in a sensible, responsible way. Tony is dedicated to delivering immediate results and long-term prosperity to Vaughan by:


    • Reduce the tax burden to Vaughan residents
    • Actively assessing budget, operating costs, and high service levels
    • Managing residential and commercial intensification through new policies and by-laws
    • Collaborating with other cities in streamlining more efficient public transit (1 fare system)
    • Extending subway to Vaughan Mills Mall and new Vaughan Hospital
    • Assessing option to alleviate traffic congestion
    • Develop programs to make Vaughan more attractive to business opportunities
    • Ensure a fully serviced integrated new Vaughan Hospital
    • Ensure more senior care, accessibility services, and mental health and wellness services to Vaughan residents.