WARD 3 – OCTOBER 24, 2022



    • ONLINE VOTING (OCTOBER 6 – 20). Make your early vote count for Decisive Leadership in your WARD 3 community. 
    • Your Vote will replace a failed STATUS QUO representation. 
    • Highway 7 Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) concrete property wall / landscape must be completed. 
    • I will vote to terminate the VELMAR CONDO proposal. 
    • GREATER WOODBRIDGE RATEPAYER ASSOCIATION (GWRA): As founding President, I will continue the battle to stop the development intensification of the BOARD OF TRADE golf course. 
    • My independent COUNCIL vote will not be influenced by staff reports / council members. 
    • Residential communication with local concerns / issues will be prompt. 
    • EMPHASIS TO PROMOTE: Business (Corporate and Entrepreneurs), Health and Wellbeing of our SENIORS, Community Safety, Improving Traffic Congestion Relief (Bus bay lanes, Smart traffic lights, Express Bus Hubs, Handicap accessibility. 
    • COMMITTEE OF ADJUSTMENT: Review and Reform – Limit scope of decisions to addition and property issues. – Development decisions to be dealt with at the COUNCIL level. -- Enforce Master Plans of neighbourhoods. 
    • PODCAST: Live to Air voice for WARD 3 / VAUGHAN concerns monthly once elected. 
    • ELECTION DEBATE: Incumbent has not engaged in election debate for the October 24, 2022 election. 
    • PARKS / CONSERVATION / BOULEVARDS: Improve maintenance and preservation of our Greenspaces. 
    • COMMUNITY CENTRES / LIBRARIES: Make sure all upgrades, maintenance and accessibility are up to date.