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School Zone Safety Tips

Respect School Zone Parking and Driving Regulations

An increasing number of schools throughout York Region are encouraging students and their families to use active means of travel to school such as walking or biking instead of driving.

Active and safe routes to school programs promote increased physical activity, reduce traffic congestion and help improve air quality.

Please check with your school to see if there is a program for you and your child.

Every year the City of Vaughan receives hundreds of complaints about school zone parking and driving violations.

School zone by-laws have been established for the safety of the children and pedestrians.

Please bear in mind the following tips to help minimize the potential for dangerous situations to occur.

Parking In School Zones

• Avoid double parking

• Watch for signs indicating No Stopping and No Parking

• Keep fire routes and bus zones clear

• Leave nine (9) metres between your car and crosswalks and/or stop signs - Parking too close to these locations makes it difficult to see children when crossing the road

• Ensure your children exit by the passenger side of your vehicle

• Stay back two (2) feet (0.6 metres) from private driveways to avoid conflict with residents

• Use designated crosswalks or cross at an intersection when parking across the street

Driving Through School Zones

• Slow down and be ready to stop at all times

• Stop for school buses and be aware of children running in front of or behind buses

• Do not perform U-turns in school zones

• Do not pass other vehicles in a school zone

• Expect the unexpected. Children may cross the street at the wrong place, run into traffic or ride in front of your vehicle without warning

• Obey all laws including the posted speed limits

• Avoid distraction within your vehicle and ensure your children are secured in a correctly installed child-restraint seat

• Obey crossing guard signals and yield to pedestrians

More from City of Vaughan here.

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