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Learn About Tony's Priorities As Vaughan's Next Ward 3 Council

Your voice for integrity, responsibility, accountability and transparency in Vaughan’s Government”

By electing Tony Lorini are your Ward 3 Councilor, you are exercising your right to demand a city government that runs Vaughan in a sensible, responsible way.

Tony is dedicated to delivering immediate results and long-term prosperity to Vaughan by:

  • Reduce the tax burden to Vaughan residents
  • Actively assessing budget, operating costs, and high service levels
  • Managing residential and commercial intensification through new policies and by-laws
  • Collaborating with other cities in streamlining more efficient public transit (1 fare system)
  • Extending subway to Vaughan Mills Mall and new Vaughan Hospital
  • Assessing option to alleviate traffic congestion
  • Develop programs to make Vaughan more attractive to business opportunities
  • Ensure a fully serviced integrated new Vaughan Hospital
  • Ensure more senior care, accessibility services, and mental health and wellness services to Vaughan residents.

Support the campaign by making a contribution to help spread Tony's message and reach more voters. Click here.

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